Would you like a 

Done-For-You Workbook 

to give to your clients?

This 30-Page Life Design workbook is perfect to give to your clients who need to set themselves up for success – in areas such as self-care, relationships, lifestyle, career, health/wellness, productivity, goal-setting, and overall living a meaningful and productive life.



The main purpose of the workbook is to help your clients identify what areas in their lives need some intentional love and care, and to support them in making lasting changes in a healthy, positive, and empowering way.



While the workbook is pre-written with content and questions that focus on cultivating a growth mindset, you are welcome to change anything in the workbook to suit your particular coaching niche. 









Look Inside

  • pure magic

    A 30-page workbook that is exactly what your clients need right now. Trust me. (You might even want to use it yourself!)

  • gorgeous design

    No one wants to fill out a boring workbook. (No one.) This is THE ULTIMATE *GORGEOUS* WORKBOOK to guide your clients to make the changes they need to make in their lives.

  • customize it

    Done-For-You, but also 100% customizable.

  • more money

    You can sell this to your audience for extra cash, or offer it as a juicy bonus to your clients and high-end programs!

  • time saving

    Saves you hours (and hours and hours) because you don't have to create anything from scratch.


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