You have the email subscribers.

Now... what do you send them?




The Email Elixir


Email templates for coaches who want to connect with their email list and promote a paid product without staring blankly at Mailchimp for hours.



Perfect for coaches, healers, mentors, and consultants who want to build a memorable and lasting connection with their email list.


  • grow

    Grow your KLT (know, like, and trust) factor so that your subscribers are ready to jump on your latest offering or your newly opened coaching spots.

  • choose

    Choose what emails to use for what phase of your business you are in. (There’s a season for everything, and you’ll learn what that means for your overall goals.)

  • schedule

    Schedule emails ahead of time. (while also being flexible for those times when you want to share something spontaneous, current, and/or relevant.)

  • find

    Find your email frequency sweet spot. (Should you email once a week? Twice a week? Once a month? Whenever you feel like it? Let’s find out!)

  • enjoy

    Enjoy sending emails again. (Instead of dreading it or stressing about it or feeling paralyzed trying to come up with the perfect words.)










The Email Elixer

Done-For-You Email Templates 

A collection of email templates (blog/newsletter templates - launch sequence templates - welcome sequence templates) to copy and paste into your email delivery provider. 

You’ll have emails all ready to go and easily (and consistently) delivering value to your audience.

Editorial Calendar Template and Tutorial 

You’ll have access to my editorial calendar template (with a video tutorial to show you how to use them!) You’ll seamlessly plan out your content in advance using this template so that you can plan your launches and your social media posts to align with your overall strategy.

Emails for Coaches Masterclass 

A masterclass that teaches you all the basics of email marketing for coaches. Learn how to have fun with emails and how to easily book clients through them, all in an afternoon!

20 Subject Lines That Get Opened Cheatsheet

A PDF with the best subject lines that you can use to get your emails opened and read! (Plus an audio lesson on how to craft your own subject lines so that you won’t ever be stumped on the subject line again!)

Email Freedom Checklist

A checklist to follow so that you can go from having no email strategy (flying by the seat of your pants) to having all your content and emails automated and hands off as much as possible. You’ll save so much time because you won’t be chained to your desk for hours staring blankly wondering what to write, and then feeling guilty when inspiration doesn’t strike so you put off emailing, again.

Case Study PDF 

A behind-the-scenes look at what emails I wrote to my list, and what worked, and what didn’t and how you can turn your emails into clients who say, “I’m ready to hire you.” You’ll have a clear understanding of how email marketing worked for me in the past, so you can set yourself up for success in your own business.

BONUS: Social Media Posts to get people on your list

A swipe file of done-for-you written social media posts that focus on list-building so that you don’t need to worry about creating posts from scratch!

BONUS: Livestream Strategy Masterclass

for list-building

In this masterclass, you’ll learn the importance of having a list-building strategy when you’re livestreaming, and how to make it a natural process instead of forceful and awkward.

BONUS: Copywriting 101 for emails Workshop

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to write emails that sound like you (even if you’re using a plug-and-play template!) so that your audience can fall in love with who you really are!

BONUS: How to Choose your email software Masterclass

Why I left both Mailchimp and ConvertKit, and what I use instead! An in-depth explanation of what I look for in an email software and how you can choose the best one for you.